Thursday, 14 November 2013

Product love #1: MUA matte ever after

It's no surprise that I love matte products (mate foundations, matte lipsticks, matte bronzers, if it's got matte in the name, I'm buying it) so when MUA launched their new all matte palette I was like... NEED!
No es sorpresa que amo los productos mate (bases, labiales, bronzers, si es matte, lo compro!). Así que cuando MUA lanzó su nueva paleta de todos colores matte yo supe que la necesitaba!

The palette comes with ten matte shades. They are all quite pigmented and, to my surprise, not at all chalky.
the shades are all easy to blend and one thing I really like in my eyeshadows, they don't "drop" when you apply them (you know, when your under eye gets all dusty and eyeshadowy).
La paleta viene con diez tonos mate. Son todos bastante pigmentado y, para mi sorpresa, para nada polvosos. Los tonos son faciles de difuminar y lo que me gusta mucho es que no cae mucha sombra cuando se aplica. 

My only dislike about this is that, in my opinion, the first four shades are very much alike and I think that if you don't wear a nice pale eyeshadow base, you don't really get different colours.
About the other shades I have no complaint, they get you from and nice day time wash of colour, to a demure smokey eye to a strong and dark smokey eye.
the shades are also really nice as brow powder and, because of the range, any skin tone and hair colour can use it as such.
Lo único que no me gusta es que, en mi opinion, los primeros cuatro tonos son bastante parecidos y creo que si no se usa una buena base bien pálida, no se obtienen colores muy diferentes. 
Sobre los otros tonos no tengo quejas, podés lograr un toque de color para el día, un smokey eye recatado y uno bien oscuro. 
Los tonos también son muy buenos para las cejas, y como tiene bastantes tonos, cualquier tono de piel y pelo puede utilizarlo como tal. 

My favourite shades are bare, fade, chino and smoke.
Mis tonos favoritos son bare, fade chino y smoke. 

Have you tried this palette? What do you think about it?



  1. i have never tried this brand before ... always thinking to buy it :) but now i have to get it :) XOXO

  2. I love this palette ! I almost got it a few weeks ago, but I already have so many of them, I should use them first ! lol
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  3. I love the matte shades! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Haven't tried this palette but I want to! Seems like the Penny and Truffle colors can also be good for contouring.

  5. It looks lovely :)

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  7. It looks so good, I love natural colors!

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  8. Es la perfección, ¡quiero!


  9. Totally agree with you!

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment!

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  10. Me encanto esa paleta de colores son unos colores hermosos!!!!!

    Sigo tu Blog ,puedes seguir el mio?

  11. Never tried it but looks good! xx


  12. What great shades for the Fall season :)
    xo TJ