Monday, 21 July 2014

Birthday wishlist

So my birthday is just around the corner, a day away to be exact. And it would be my Bday's eve if I didn't make a little wish list of ideal gifts. Little disclaimer, I'm not really expecting to get this items (some are not even available in my country), as a matter of fact, I really suck at telling people what I want as a gift my policy is more of "whatever you think I'd like". So this is my "gifts I would buy for myself if I had a lot of money" wish list.
Floral kimono OASAP I'm in love with kimonos. Ever since last year, actually, when I bought my first one. And this one is just so pretty and boho-y, I just love it.
Looking for Alaska by John Green Who hasn't cried with TFIOS? well, I love the way John Green writes and I really want to continue reading his work and this one cought my eye.
Kat Von D Tattoo eye liner I'm a die hard cat flick lover. I wear one almost every day and every time a liner promeses not to budge I fall for it and give it a try, but aparently this one is the real deal. If only it were available in my country
Flower Bomb Viktor & Rolf I have said before that every year I gift myself a new perfume, I've been doing this for the last couple of years but, since I still have sooo many perfumes that I haven't even used half, I though to postpone my perfume self-gift. But If I were to buy myself one this year, this would be it.
Maleficent by MAC lipstick "True Love’s Kiss Lipstick" I know it probably wont give me Angelina Jolie's lips, but was I the only one enchanted by her lip colour in the movie? I just HAVE  to have it.
Clinique eyeshadow palette neutral palettes I love. And the shades in this one are no exception. I particularly love the fact that there are some warmer shades in this one, as not in all the other neutral palettes, that I feel are more on the colder side.
Daniel Wellington Watch I have big wrists and hands. Yes, I have almost "man" hands. If it weren't for the nail polish, you might even confuse mine for my brothers. As this is a rather larger watch, I feel it could balance well with my overly large paws
ASOS floral blazer floral again. Yes I know I have a problem! But I do love me some ASOS blazer!
Jeffrey Campbell RUMBLE boots Jeffrey Campbell recently opened their first store in my city, and I've been eyeing this beautys ever since. I might give in and splurge because they are just soooo perfect!

Hope you have a nice week! and happy bday to me



  1. love that first flower coat,it looks so charming!!!!

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  2. Me encanta tu wish list de regalos!! los kimonos me chiflan y el perfume también y Felicidades por adelantado!
    susana de piñadelys

  3. I see this was posted yesterday sooo Merry Birthdayy!!!!! Great post too :)

  4. Esas botas <3 <3 <3 yo también vi que abrió un local en Argentina y desde entonces estoy que no quiero ver nada porque soy capaz de llorar. Muy feliz cumple! Besotes!

  5. Very nice post Love this.

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  6. Love, love the flower Coat, and the Bootees.
    Great post darling

  7. Great choices!Love the boots!

  8. I believe everyone should own a kimono for summer- they're so cute and perfect for summer! Hope you had a great birthday, my birthday is also just around the corner!

  9. that great post, love the kimono and boots are ideal!
    Thank you very much for your comment on my blog, I wait for my new post with a new collaboration and an amazing bag, and so I will continue blogging in touch, thank you very much beautiful, a huge kiss, I hope!

  10. ¡Gran lista! Yo también hago listas de cosas que quiero y necesito tener continuamente, para ese momento que sea millonaria y pueda comprarmelo todo en una sola tarde, como bien dices. Yo también soy una completa amante de los kimonos y de los productos Maléfica de MAC :D
    Felicidades por adelantado y te regalen cosas tan geniales como estas.
    Un beso,

    Mariluz Garzo

  11. Love the Kimonos, Maleficent lipstick & the watch! Good choices:)
    Love your blog!
    -Lauren xoxo

  12. A daniel wellington is also on my wishlist =)
    I love the blazer and the lipstick