Sunday, 26 October 2014

Rimmel Natural Bronzer - Review

It's official: spring is here.
I mean, technically, spring has been here for over a month and we are having summer like temperatures- but with the return of the warmer months I star to get that want for sunshine and realize just how pale my skin is looking.
I love bronzers, if I'm wearing a full face of makeup, I might not wear blush, but I always wear a bit of bronzer, specially for contour purposes. But now, I'm in on the "bronzing up" waggon. A bit on the forehead (which mine is massive) a bit down the cheekbones and a bit on the jaw, just as if I had actually had some contact with sun and haven't been cooked up in an office or in college most of my week.

A couple of months ago, I saw a Lisa Eldridge video where she talked about bronzers, and being this, Rimmel Natural Bronzer,  her favourite drugstore one, I though "good enough for Lisa, good enough for me" and I picked it up. And lemme say, not disappointed.
The shade is 028 sunrise  and it's a nice not-to-warm not-to-cool toned bronzer, at a great price. I was disappointed tho that it has an ever so slightly shimmer which makes it not perfect for contouring, but it is amazing for bronzing. Super pigmented and not too powdery.

My only complaint is the packaging. I know, I'm always complaining about packaging. But the fact that this has no securing the lid or anything, makes it terrible for travelling. The lid is the same as the stay matte powder one, so If you want to take it in you bag or even on a travel makeup bag, I would recommend fastening it with some tape of a elastic bag. Also, not mirror is always a minus for me.
With all that been said, I would recommend this one for anyone looking for a cheap and great bronzer.

Rate: 8/10

Have you tried this? what's your favourite drugstore bronzer?


  1. The only bronzer I really like is the Body Shop's honey bronzer and I must have it in the lightest shade. It is great to have when I want a very subtle bit of colour in my face. For contouring I mainly use the Kevyn Aucoin scultping powder with my Tarte Exposed blush... they really blend together nicely to define my cheekbones (which are, thankfully, quite high anyway!). In the past bronzer and contouring really seemed too over the top for me, but I definitely appreciate them now!


  2. I like this bronzer but agree with you about the packaging!

    I'm your newest follower :)

    Hannah x

  3. Me encantant estos polvos de sol!
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