Saturday, 30 August 2014

Beauty chat: Tips and Tricks

  • When doing winged liner, look straight ahead for the flick, in triangle shape and then fill it in (and if you want perfection, first guideline yourself with eyeshadow and a angled brush).
  • Want to make your favourite lipstick matte? no problem, apply the lipstick (I prefer a bit of liner underneath, but it's a personal choice) and blot in a tissue, then apply with your finger a itty-little bit of a similar colour blush, removing the shine and making the lips look velvety and matte (IMPORTANT: use a matte blush).
  • Never apply blush further in than the line of your iris. Apply in the further out of your face and upwards.

  • If you have really oily skin but you don't like wearing foundation on a daily bases, use a little bit of rice flour (don't worry, is odourless and translucent, unless wet) over your bare skin to keep the shine at bay and minimize pores. 
  • Also on the subject of no foundation days, you can use a moisturizer (preferably one for oily skin) and then some translucent powder. This is specially good if you have a bit of redness on the cheeks, as the powder will make your skin look more even in color.
  • If you have round eyes and you want to make them more almondy, bring the eyeliner to the very outer tip of your eye and one millimetre further, then flick out and only slightly up. After apply mascara focusing in the outer lashes in a up and out direction, your eyes will look as if they were naturally larger to the sides and less round.
  • For a nice doll-eye but natural look, apply liquid eyeliner on your lower lash line by making small dots, that way your lashes will look fuller with no mascara. Also, for this same effect, apply eye liner on the top lashes only where the lashes start and apply making a thicker line on the outer corner, thus giving the appearance of fuller lashes.

  • Is your hair looking a bit oily and don't have dry shampoo or time for a wash, use a bit of translucent powder. With a powder brush and tappin the excess off (or else you'll get a white scalp) and "buff" it into your roots and then brush and voilá!
  • For brows, always look for a cooltoned eyeshadow. Warm-toned eyeshadows (specially browns) tend to look a bit redder and look less natural and different from the actual hairs. While we are on the subject of brows, always use an eyeshadow one or two shades lighter than your actual brows, because you want to create a natural shadow of the hairs effect, otherwise you'll get the unwated Frida Khalo effect. Remember, you are just filling in your brows, not drawing them back on!
  • When applying bronzer use your brows as reference. Only apply bronzer upto the (imaginary) line of the outer point of your brows is. Once you are blending in but NOT applying, you can go a bit further into the face.

Hope this helps and maybe makes putting makeup on easier!


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