Sunday, 21 September 2014

Top Three: matte red lipsticks

If you've been reading my blog for some time, then you know my love for a good matte lipstick. Gloss and shimmer just isn't my thing (at least for my lips), and after trying many lipsticks, I've come to find my trusty trio of red perfection

I know what you're thinking "those three colors look exactly the same" but they are not. I mean, they are red, so they have that in common, but the shades vary from orangy red, to true red to dark red. 
First up is Exreme's liquid lipstick in Red (I know, shocker of a name) this has been my go to going out red, because it's quite long lasting and doest run out off the lips but also, because is an orangy toned, it looks a bit "younger" than a normal red. The second one, Maybelline's 14hs lipstick in Continuous Cranberry, is the most long lasting of the three. It's a nice box-standard blue toned red (which means your teeth look whiter) and you can eat, drink and talk and this wont budge. My only problem with this one is that because of the round tip, it's hard to apply and retouch on the go, specially around the edges of the lips. Last, but not least, is the newest addition to my matte lipstick family, the Revlon Matte Balm in Standout. This is really creamy and the easiest to apply, you have to give it two coats to get it really even and strong color, but that's best if you want a sheerer color (something you can not achieve with the other two). This also is really good at not chapping and drying your lips, which the other two, normal to matte lipstick, will do. On the down side, because it's creamy it won't last as long, but it does live kind off a stain (like all Revlon crayon products).

L to R: Exreme "red" liquid lipstick / Maybelline "Continuous Cramberry" / Revlon Matte Balm "Standout"

Have you tried any of these? which is your favourite matte lipstick?



  1. I love the look Maybelline lipstick and I love your blog! I've followed!

  2. the colors are very stunning. I so like this! Have an amazing day!

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  3. Thats a gorgeous colour! Looks lovely on you.
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  4. Love the Revlon balms!

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  6. I have them all n love them .
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  7. Nice red colors ! :)

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  9. beautiful color!
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  10. nice products

  11. Very nice product
    Looks like the red is the new color for the Fall :)
    Fabulous post darling

  12. lovely review <3

  13. my favorite matte red lipstick is from Mac <3
    Ruby Woo!

  14. I love middle one! my type of red dear :)

  15. son preciosos los tres que buena idea de post!!! el primero me rechifla!
    susana de piñadelys

  16. El de lápiz de Revlon me ha encantado, no soy mucho de usar el rojo en los labios, ¿sabes si hay alguno nude de este mismo formato?
    Tienes un blog genial, ¿nos seguimos?
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  17. I think i like the Revlon the most!

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