Saturday, 29 November 2014

(yet another) haul

You know me, I get lost in drugstore allies and come out with hands full of new stuff, this was no exception...

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Style inspiration - Summer

With over 30°c out and actual summer less than a month away, I can't help but think of outfits to survive the heat on. Color, prints, pyjama and printed pants and skirts, sandals, flattops, flat boots, high waisted skirts, and dresses with jackets (because I refuse to show my arms no matter the temperature). Here are some of the styles I inspire to for summer.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

jewelry picks

Lately I have found myself reaching for the same pieces of jewelry over and over again, So I decided to put them all up in a blog post and show them to you.
As you can see there's not much colour in my pics, I'm not one for bright or colourful jewelry, or clothes for that matter, and I love not having to match up the colour in the pieces with my clothing. I just hate when you're really loving something (say a handbag or shoes) and they don't match your outfit. Probably the reason for my almost pure black wardrobe.
The little triangle necklace is just perfect for simple tees and dresses. As it is a bit longer, it looks really great and relaxed over anything and honestly if I could only pic one piece of jewelry, it would be this necklace. The gold one is a bit shorter and perfect for shirts. I'm a big button up kinda gal, and this is perfect for under the collar (bit tricky now that the warmer months are coming). The rings are midi rings and actually came in a set of five, but I love to wear three (two in one finger and one on its own). The earrings are more of a hair-up choice. I don't really wear earrings that much, so I love that these two pairs are little and non-heavy. This look great specially with a messy bun and a bit of hair down the side of the face. The little silver earrings were a birthday gift, and I didn't start wearing them until recently. But I just love the way they peak

Hope you liked my pics!