Tuesday, 27 August 2013

MUA and FashionistA haul!

I couldn't help it, I was browsing my Facebook feed and suddenly I came across this image from the MUA fan page that read "free world wide shipping" and so, I slipped...
I only got a few (very very necessary) items. I really like the MUA and FashionistA products, they are super affordable and since they added a the new line, there are endless options. Since makeup in my country is really (really) expensibe, when I think that I can get a lipstick for 1 pound, it's a no brainier.
Love the shade 1 lipstick, it's a dark burgundy red super creamy and moisturising. Runaway Power Pout is a pinkish red lip crayon that smells minty fresh.
L-R: runaway and Shade 1
I got four eyeshadows, all from the FashionistA range. 3 of them are blended, what I particularly don't like about this three is that they are uber shimmery, the glitter is thick and it goes everywhere! I will have to say that cosmic is super pigmented and perfect for a going out smokey eye.
The last one is sweet kiss a pinkish white shimmery color perfect for highlighting the browbone or for the inner corner of the eye.
I also got two primers, a skin one and an eyeshadow one. The second one I don't like at all; I got quite oily eyelids and this only makes it worse, my eyeshadow creased faster than ever. 

Have you tried any MUA or FashionistA products?


Saturday, 17 August 2013

Ebay (shirt) Haul!

I love Ebay, it's just such a great way to get items you can't get on your city/country. For me it's about prices, most (well, everything) in my country it's really expensive, if I were to buy one of this shirts (that on ebay are around the $10 mark) they will cost me around $50 (not in a brand store, in just any street store).
sheer printed shirt, has a cut on the waist that gives it a lovely shape.

fitted and opaque. It's a bit longer in the back.

This one is quite sheer and loose, and the back is a lot longer than the front.

I've been buying things on ebay for some times now, mainly accesories, bags and small items, but I never deared to buy clothing because of the sizing, but I finally got the courage to try it, and I'm not dissapointed.
I chose this 3 shirts mainly because of the shape, one is quite loose and batwing shaped, one is more fitted and the other one has a cut on the waist that gives it a nice shape. Mainly it was to experiment and see what each shape looked like. My advice? check the sizing! this products are all from china and the sizes there are smaller than in other countries, if you have to choose from sizing up or down, definitely size up. (that's truly my only complaint)
The seller was really kind and he shiped the items fast and they arrived perfectly. The ebay store is moonar.store, and I definitely recommend it!

have you ever bought clothing on ebay? What's your favourite seller?


Saturday, 10 August 2013

The best eyeliner I've ever tried! Product love

I give you: Kiko Cosmetics "Definition" waterproof liquid eyeliner.
I'm what you may call an eyeliner yunkie. I've tried them all, gel, liquid, pencil, kohl and while I have affairs with some that I really like, I haven't found an eyeliner I want to settle down with... Until now.
I have quite oily skin and my eyelids are specially a problem. No matter how good the primer, base or eyeshadow I use, at some point it will crease on me. With eyeliners the problem is that they.. "run" a bit on my skin, specially if I have a long day or I laugh a lot, I will find that at some point they start going everywhere, but not this one.
Yesterday, I poped my makeup on at 8am (everyday makeup for me is a bit on the eyes and lips, concealer and not much else) and I went to work, and then out with some of my office budies to get a drink, which turned into a night out with friends. I got home about 2 something am, that's 16 S I X T E E N hours of makeup, and a hot bar in between and my eyeliner was un-budged, un-smudged, un-runned and simply perfect. To prove this miracle of makeup nature, I took a photo of my eyes (excuse the poor quality, it was late and I was tired).

As you can see, there are no blackish smudges around my eye, no extra lines, no nothing. So I can say with confidence that this, for me, is the best eyeliner ever, I completely recommend it specially to people with oily skin as mine.

What's your favourite eyeliner?


Friday, 2 August 2013

August wishlist! (fashion & beauty)

Left to right:

Ebay studded tote: I've been eyeing this little baby for some time now, and I finally decided to go for it. The top is a suedy material and the top and strap are faux leather.

ASOS Sunglasses: I wanted to see how this kind of glasses (bigger band and almost "hanging" glass) would look on me, so before spending a big amount in a good pair, I decided to give these a try, since they were only 12pounds.

PRUNE handbag: this is on my birthday wish list, even though my birthday came and went, I'm still looking for this one. still trying to decide for black or burgundy. (BTW, also studded)

Ebay brush set: been looking for a nice, complete and portable set of brushes on ebay when I came across this set. I browsed to see if I could find any reviews but I couldn't find this particular set, hope they are nice (At least they look cute)

Black metal tip flats: I came across this flats when looking or the brush set, and they were sooo cheap I couldn't resist.

Talented Totes Maude & Tilda Saving For My Birkin Bag: saw this tote on Asos while looking for a clutch bag and love it, It will be on my next order for sure! I had never heard of the brand, but they have a lot of really witty tote bags, want them all!

River Island Coachella Fringe Beach Kimono: As the winter sales start, I can't help but look forward to spring and summer, and my obsessive piece of clothing of the season will probably be kimono jackets, since I don't like my arms, this lovely kimono will be perfect to pop on top of a PBD (plane black dress).

Asos strappy giraffe print dress: Can't help it, I´m crazy about and animal print (not as in zebra or cheetah print, but an actual print of an animal) and this one was so cute, I just have to have it!

Asos tie dye boyfrind shirt: just consider this, this shirt and an a pair of black high wasted acid wash pair of jeans, I´m sold!

Ebay sheer floral shirt: I'm a girl who likes her black clothing, I can't help it, while I like to pop some color as a detail or to make it less goth, I'm always going back to black. So when I saw this shirt (black indeed) but with a cute and pinky floral print, it was the best of both worlds.

What's on your wish list?