Sunday, 22 December 2013

Whats in my makeup bag: weekend at the beach

Last week I went for a few days to the beach and as I was only going to be there for about three full days, I decided to minimize my makeup carry on as much as possible, this was the result.
For brushes I took my Models Own travel makeup brush set, perfect since it's compact and has every brush you could need in just a few days away.

I decided to take my FashionistA palette, since I can fit blushers and bronzers as well as eyeshadows, which no only makes your makeup bag less bulky but also makes the deciding on what to put on a lot easier.
I knew I wasn't going to be wearing much eyeshadow during the day, with the heat and the sun and all, so my choice of colors was only for night time. 

I chose to take my L'oreal gel liner instead of my MAC one because this is less creamy which makes it the better option for summer time.
For lashes I took my Revlon Lash Potion mascara, I've been obsessed with this one lately, I love it for sure. 

For skin I chose the Maybelline Fit me anti-shine stick, this stick foundation is not just great for traveling, but also great for summer time, since you apply it with your fingers, you don't need a brush and "supossedly" you don't even need to powder it (I do, because I like a real matte finish and my skin is extra oily). 
For powder I took my Mattify Me by Look Beauty, this has been my favourite powder of the year, and what makes it great for travel is the fact that: 
1) It's translucent, so if you get a tan, you can still match it with your skin
2) it has a great mirror, which makes it great for doing your makeup anywhere
3) it's super steardy, seriouslly, I once droped it on the street and not only it didn't smash, it didn't even broke a bit, nothing!
For concealer I took my Dark circle eraser my Maybelline, this his my favourite ever concelaer, so I just picked up a darker shade (to go better with my itty bitty tan) and popped it on my makeup bag. 

For lips I chose the L'oreal lip caresse in Princess (a lovely coraly orange)
Extreme's AlldayMatte liquid lipstick in Red (perfect for going out since it will never leave your lips, no matter what)
Maybelline's Popsicle in Pink Lollipop (a pink sheer wash of colour, perfect for summer day time)

What's on your makeup bag?


Tuesday, 3 December 2013

All I want for Christmas

This is a little list of the things I would like for Christmas and which I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna get, for two possible reasons: 1) Most of these are not available in my country and 2) All of these are a little bit out of my budget.
But none of those are reasons to stop dreaming right? right!


1- Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in icon: I've been loving opaque and matte liquid lipsticks lately, I just can't get enough of them!
2- Ted Baker wash bag: I've been eyeing this for ages now and I just think they are perfect for traveling. You just chuck all your makeup and toiletries and stuff and you are good to go.
3- Marc Jacobs eyeshadow palette in Style Icon: can we take a moment to take the beauty of this palette in? purples and nudes and lilacs and, Oh, I think I might be inlove
4- Nars NARS Guy Bourdin One night stand palette: some of Nars best and most popular cheek colours (Orgasm blush and Laguna bronzer) and some others that just take my breath away
5- Urban Decay naked3 palette: rosey undertones? checked! perfection doesn't even begin to cover what I think of this, every time I see a review online, my heart dies a little, knowing It's not in my hands yet.


 1- Whistles Mini Swing Flapover Croc Leather Bag: croc and gold and oh so lovely! I'm inlove with the vintagy sixties vibe of this beauty.
2- Celine checked leather bag: I saw this beauty in I think the July edition of vogue and I've been obsessed with it ever since.
3- Viviene Westwood black London watch: I just love the simplicity and hardness of this watch. It's back metal with golden details and can I just say, Viviene has done it again.
4-Karen Millen Suede Closed Sandals: I can just imagine wearing this beauts with a pair of boyfriend jeans or a nice midi body con skirt. Adore them oh so much.
5- Giusepe Zanotti Afro wild culture inspiration ring: This ring covers half the finger and it's just such a perfect statement jewelry piece!
6- Black calfhide half boot with gold detail: I'm obsessed with metallic detail in shoes this season. I think that gold zippers and metal touches are perfect for this beautiful pair of leather booties.

What's on your "impossible" Xmas list?


Saturday, 23 November 2013

November Haul + Bad gal RiRi hearts MAC wishlist

So yes, I did some shopping AGAIN, but most of this things were quite affordable... except for MAC, of course.
Si, bueno, compre un par de cosas de nuevo, pero casi todo es bastante accesible... excepto por MAC, claro.

I was looking for a nice not-smudging eyeliner and the MAC salesman recomended this one. I've been using it and while I don't hate it, I don't think is non smudging at all. The consistency is really creamy, which many people might love, but I like strong gel liners that make a nice black line on the first try. this one is kinda disapointing.

Estaba en búsqueda de un buen delineador que no se embarre y el vendedor de MAC me recomendó este. Lo estuve usando bastante y si bien no lo odio, no creo que sea no embarrante. La consistencia es bastante cremosa que a muchos les puede gustar, pero a mi me gustan mis delineadores en gel fuertes y que hagan una buena y concisa linea negra en el primer intento. Este es bastante decepcionante. 

I got this duo as a gift at work, at first I didn't really like it because I'm not much of a blue eyeshadow kinda gal, but when I tried it at home I fell inlove with it. The blue is quite pigmented, but it blends out into more of a grey shade and both shades are not too shimmery, which makes them easy to wear.

Me regalaron este duo en el trabajo, al principio no me gustaba porque no soy de usar mucho sombras azules, pero cuando lo probé, me enamoré de el. El azul es bastante pigmentado, pero queda más bien como un gris y ninguno de los tonos son demasiado brillosos, lo que los hace faciles de usar. 

All day matte liquid lipstick in pink

All day matte liquid lipstick

Both of these are from a local drugstore which has its own line of makeup, which means they are really affordable. I can say, with out a doubt, this are in my top 10 favourite products of 2013.
First of  all, they are super pigmented and matte, and dispite this, they don't dry out your lips. Second, they last ALL day, I can't stress this enough, I've eaten, drunk and talked all night and this wouldn't budge!
This are better than the Rimmel's apocalips, and Revlon's liquid lipstick and L'oreal caresse and any other lip laquer you can think of. If you are from Argentina, or if you come to Argentina, you need to try these!

Ambos son de una farmacia local que tiene su propia linea de maquillaje, lo que significa que son bastante baratos. Puedo decir, sin ninguna duda, que estos están en mi top 10 de productos del 2013
Primero que nada, son super pigmentados y matte, y a pesar de eso, no son nada secos en los labios. Segundo, duran todo el día, no puedo remarcarlo lo suficiente, TODO EL DÍA! comí, tomé hablé y ni se movieron!
Son mejores que los apocalips de Rimmel, que los labiales líquidos de Revlon y que los caresse de L'oreal y que cualquier otra laca de labios que puedan pensar. Si son de Argentina o si vienen a Argentina, necesitan probarlos!

Velvet lips in love pink

From the same brand I got one of their lip crayons, this shade is Love Pink and while I know it looks red, I really does come out pink on the lips.

Swatched L-R: All day matte liquid lipstick in pink and red and velvet lips in love pink

L: one coat R: nothing on

Everybody loves this mascara, and as I was in the search for a new one I decided to give it a go. The result is quite obvious, this makes your eyelashes pop like no other (and this is only ONE coat!)

Todo el mundo ama esta mascara de pestañas, yo estaba en búsqueda de una nueva así que decidí probarla. El resultado es obvio, hace que tus pestañas resalten como ninguna otra (y esto es sólo UNA capa!)

Last but not least, Today I'm going to the launch of RiRi hearts MAC in a Buenos Aires shopping mall so i took a look at the collection and I picked the three things I want.
O chose: Her cocoa quad, RiRi woo lipstick (retro matte) and hibiscus blusher and bronzer.

Por último, hoy voy a la presentación de RiRi hearts MAC en un shopping de Buenos Aires y chusmee la colección y estos son los tres productos que quiero. 
Her cocoa cuarteto de sombras, labial retro matte RiRi woo y Hibiscus rubor y bronzer. 

Have you tried any of these?
what do you think?


Thursday, 14 November 2013

Product love #1: MUA matte ever after

It's no surprise that I love matte products (mate foundations, matte lipsticks, matte bronzers, if it's got matte in the name, I'm buying it) so when MUA launched their new all matte palette I was like... NEED!
No es sorpresa que amo los productos mate (bases, labiales, bronzers, si es matte, lo compro!). Así que cuando MUA lanzó su nueva paleta de todos colores matte yo supe que la necesitaba!

The palette comes with ten matte shades. They are all quite pigmented and, to my surprise, not at all chalky.
the shades are all easy to blend and one thing I really like in my eyeshadows, they don't "drop" when you apply them (you know, when your under eye gets all dusty and eyeshadowy).
La paleta viene con diez tonos mate. Son todos bastante pigmentado y, para mi sorpresa, para nada polvosos. Los tonos son faciles de difuminar y lo que me gusta mucho es que no cae mucha sombra cuando se aplica. 

My only dislike about this is that, in my opinion, the first four shades are very much alike and I think that if you don't wear a nice pale eyeshadow base, you don't really get different colours.
About the other shades I have no complaint, they get you from and nice day time wash of colour, to a demure smokey eye to a strong and dark smokey eye.
the shades are also really nice as brow powder and, because of the range, any skin tone and hair colour can use it as such.
Lo único que no me gusta es que, en mi opinion, los primeros cuatro tonos son bastante parecidos y creo que si no se usa una buena base bien pálida, no se obtienen colores muy diferentes. 
Sobre los otros tonos no tengo quejas, podés lograr un toque de color para el día, un smokey eye recatado y uno bien oscuro. 
Los tonos también son muy buenos para las cejas, y como tiene bastantes tonos, cualquier tono de piel y pelo puede utilizarlo como tal. 

My favourite shades are bare, fade, chino and smoke.
Mis tonos favoritos son bare, fade chino y smoke. 

Have you tried this palette? What do you think about it?


Sunday, 3 November 2013

November wishlist!

Another month, another bunch of beauty products I'm dying to try.
the reason why there are just a couple of bits of makeup in this wishlist, is because I'm thinking of ordering a couple other things from Maquillalia, and If I do so, I'll be doing a separete wishlist of only those products

Otro mes, otros productos que me muero por probar!
La razón por la que sólo hay un par de productos en esta lista es porque estoy pensando pedir un par de cosas de Maquillalia y, si lo hago, voy a hacer una lista separada con sólo esos productos.

Revlon Lash Potion: My current mascara (Rimmel accelerator) is about to die on me, so I thought I would beat it to the punch and get myself a new one. I'd read a couple of reviews on this one and I think is the one I'm going for.
Mi actual mascara (rimmel accelarator) está a punto de acabarse, así que pensé que podía ganarle y comprarme una nueva. He leído un par de reviews de esta y creo que es la que voy a comprar.

La Roche Posay Toleraine teint mattifuing mousse foundation: I saw this foundation in a store the other day and it really cought my eye. I'm having a couple of breakouts at the moment so I think a foundation by le roche posay would be a good investment.
Vi esta base el otro día y realmente me llamó la atención. Estoy teniendo un par de brotes en este momento y croe que una base de esta marca sería una buena inversión.

Rimmel eyeshadows in Brixton Brown: I know this colours are more wintery than summery, but I saw them and fell inlove, and now I just need them!
Se que los colores son más bien invernales que veraniegos, pero la vi y me enamoré, y ahora la necesito!!

MAC paint pot in Painterly: as I'm inlove with my bare study paint pot I think a matte one could be a good addition to my eyeshadow base collection, and so this one is the one I'm going for; matte and flesh toned is perfect for any eye look.
Como estoy enamorada de mi bare study paint pot, creo que una mate podría ser un buen agregado a mi colección de bases para sombras, y creo que esta es que voy a comprar; es mate y color piel, por lo que creo que es perfecta para cualquier look de ojos.

Burjois color boost in Peach on the Beach: Everybody has been talking about this bad boy, and I saw it on ASOS and though, I need it! It's the perfct spring wash of colour!
Todo el mundo ha estado hablando de este producto, y cuando lo vi en ASOS pensé, lo necesito! Y es perfecto como toque de color para la primavera.

Rimmel kate 104 lipstick: tho it looks peachy on the picture, it's more of a pinkish dark nude color, I swatched it the other day and now I can't stop thinking about it, I think it might be my everyday spring lip in the future.
Se ve como un tono durazno en la foto, pero es un nude rosado oscuro, y cuando lo probé el otro día me encantó y ahora no puedo dejar de pensar en él. Creo que podría ser mi labial de primavera para todos los días.

Have you tried any of these products?
What's in your wishlist?


Wednesday, 23 October 2013

MUA and FashionistA Haul!

A few weeks ago, I got an interesting mail on my account: "30% OFF in all of MUA". So, with that in mind, I couldn't help but do some damage. I really wanted to try some of their new products and specially the new matte range. 

Matte lipstick in wild Berry and Fashionista maxi moisture in Style transformation
When I first saw this new Matte lipstick I fell inlove. Even though we are in full on spring in Argentina, I still love my berry lips, I think is because it was a late winter discovery and now I have to compensate. My only problem with this colour is that the texture is quite waxy and it's not half as pigmented as in the bar, it finishes as more of a berry purply colour.
Maxi moisture lisptick: crazy pigmented and sort of a lip butter finish, what I really like about this product is that you can wear it sheer as a small touch of colour or go stronger for a full on lip.

La primera vez que vi este nuevo labial mate, me enamore. Si bien ya estamos en una total primavera acá en Argentina, sigo amando los labios oscuros, creo que es porque los descubrí en finales de el invierno y ahora necesito compensar. Mi único problema es la textura, es como un crayón y no es ni la mitad de pigmentado que en la barra, y el terminado es más bien un rojizo purpura.
El otro labial ese muy pigmentado y el terminado es como el de una manteca de labios. Lo que me gusta mucho de este color es que se puede usar más liviano y transparente como un toquecito de color, o bien fuerte para un labio bien oscuro.

Bronzer in Paris and Blusher in Cinnamon
 Not much to say about this two, I really like the shades, specially the blusher which, to make it completely perfect, is matte.

No tengo mucho que decir acerca de estos dos, me gustan mucho los tonos, en especial el del rubor que, para hacer totalmente perfecto, es mate. 

Matte palette
This was the product that made my buy, then shades, all matte. I love matte eye shadows because I think they are easier to wear during the day. I will be making a complete review on this as soon as I've used it enough.

Este fue el producto que me llevó a comprar, diez tonos, todos mate. Amo las sombras mate ya que me parece que son más faciles de combinar para el día. Voy a hacer un review completo sobre este producto en cuanto lo haya utilizado lo suficiente.

Have you tried any of this products?


Saturday, 19 October 2013

Review: MAC Bare Study Paint pot

A couple of days ago I was browsing the MAC counter and I decided to buy and try my very first paint pot and I have to say, I'm super happy with it.
I'm a fan of Maybelline's color tattoos, but for some strange reason, the shade barely branted is not available in my country. So I went the other way, since I couldn't get the dupe, I went for the real thing.
Bare Study is a champagny colour, a little bit shimmery and very pigmented. The thing I love most about it it the texture; it's super creamy and smooth to apply and really blendable, what made me think in the first place that it will smudge in no time. But after it sets, it stays put and doesn't budge.
For me it's the perfect base colour, it's light and a bit shimmery and, since is a creamy colour, it looks good with any eyeshadow on top.
If you like base colours and shimmery shades, I recommed this one to anyone with a MAC near.

Hace un par de días, mientras chusmeaba el stand de MAC, decidí comprar y probar mi primera Paint pot, y debo decir que estoy muy feliz con ella. 
Soy fan de los color tattoos de maybelline pero por alguna extraña razón, el tono barely branted no está disponible en mi país. Así que hice las cosas al revés, como no podía conseguir la copia, me compre la verdadera. 
Bare study es un color champagne, con un poco de brillo y muy pigmentado. Lo que más me gusta es la textura, es super cremosa y  suave y se aplica y difumina facilmente, lo que me hizo creer al principio que se iba a borronear y mover rapidísimo. Pero una vez que se seca, se queda donde está y no se mueve. 
Para mi, es la base de sombra perfecta, es color claro, cremoso y brilloso hace que cualquier sombra se vea bien sobre ella.
Si les gustan los colores brillosos, le recomiendo este a cualquiera que tenga un MAC cerca.

Have you tried this or any Paint Pot?
How'd you like them?


Friday, 11 October 2013

Products I regret buying #1: Revlon New Complexion

A few months ago, I went over to the revlon counter in search for the Colorstay combination/oily foundation, the revlon lady told me that they were out because apparently they were discontinuing it (big lie, BTW), and so she recommended this foundation saying and I quote "It's the new and improved formula, even better than the superstay".
I tried this foundation and immediately disliked it, but not to let my judgy side make the best of me I decided to try it a few more times... My opinion went from dislike to hate.
When you first apply this foundation and even though it says "super matte finish" it sets oily or at least shiny on your skin. I don't know if this is on purpose or if it's a flaw of maybe it's just my skin but, while I finished the rest of my makeup, the foundation never went matte.
I powder it and even after the powder in went oily on me after just around two hours.
I do have quite oily skin, specially around the apple of my cheeks and T zone, but I can assure you, this had never happened with any other foundation. And it didn't just bring the normal amount of shine to my face, it went full oily on me.
Another negative feature is that it marks and shows all of your pores, even though it has a medium to full coverage, it sticks in a bad way to any feature you might want to hide.
The price point for this is the same or a bit more expensive than the colorstay and at least in my country when it comes to drugstore brand foundations, revlon is on the more expensive side, so I was quite disappointed with this.
I would love to show this on my skin, but after this rant of bad outcomes, I gave it away.
I will say one good thing about it: even though it made me super oily, it didn't break me out, so i guess if you are not oily like me, maybe it would work on you? But then again, if you are not oily, why will you go for a oily skin foundation?

My recommendation? If you like the colorstay, stick to it, I love that foundation and it has never disappointed me.

Hace un par de meses, fui al mostrador de Revlon en busqueda de la base Colorstay para piel grasa, la mujer de Revlon me dijo que la estaban descontinuando, y me recomendo la nueva "New Complexion" diciendo que (y cito) "era la formula nueva y mejorada".
Probé esta base y inmediatamente me disgustó, pero para no dejar que mi lado criticón me gane, decidí darle un par más de oportunidades, y puedo decir que fui de disgusto a odio total. 
Cuando aplicás la base, a pesar de decir que el terminado es super mate, la base se seca oleosa, o al menos brillosa, y aún luego de terminar de aplicar el resto de mi maquillaje, la base nunca se matificó. 
Incluso luego de ponerme polvo y que se matificara un poco, se volvió oleosa luego de al rededor de dos horas.
Si bien tengo la piel bastante grasa, especialmente en las mejillas y en la zona T, les puedo asegurar que esto nunca me había pasado con nnguna base.
Otro punto negativo, es que marca y destaca todos los poros, si bien tiene una cobertura entre media y total, se pega, negativamente, a cualquier punto que quieran disimular.
El precio de esta base es igual o un poco más cara que la Colorstay y, por lo menos en mi país, cuando se trata de bases de farmacia, Revlon es de las más caras, así que estaba bastante desepcionada con ella.
Me encantaría poder mostrarles como queda en mi piel, pero luego de los horribles resultados, la regalé. 
Lo que si puedo decir positivo, es que si bien me dejó la piel bastante oleosa, no me sacó ninguna imperfección o grano luego, así que supongo que si no tienen la piel muy grasa, podrían intentar con esta base, aunque si no tienen la piel grasa porqué comprarían una base para piel grasa, ¿no?

Mi recomendación: Si les gusta la Colorstay, quedensé con ella, amo esa base y nunca me ha desepcionado. 

Have you tried this foundation? what do you think of it?
What foundation has dissapointed you?

Han probado esta base? que les pareció?
Que base de maquillaje los ha desepcionado?


Sunday, 6 October 2013

Makeup Haul!

A few days ago (after payday) I decided I should treat myself a little bit, and so I bought a few items that I'm really happy with.

Hace un par de días (y después de haber cobrado) decidí complacerme un poquito y entonces, compré un par de productos con los que estoy muy contenta.

A few months ago, I went looking for this foundation but they were all out of the oily combination fair range and so, the girl from the revlon counter recommended me the "new complexion" one saying it was the improved formula, I bought it and I can say with all security, that is the crappiest most crappy foundation in the history of crappy foundations (they will be a coming post about it's crappiness). 
A few days ago I was browsing for the Clinique stay matte (the one I talked about in my previous post) and they didn't have fair shades in stock so I decided to give this one a try since now it was back in stock and all I'll say is that I love it! I tried it last night and it lasted perfectly on me, this shade (sand beige) it's perfect for my pail post winter complexion and I'm inlove with it!
Ps: while I havent properly swatched here, I'm wearing it in the lip products photos below.

Hace un par de meses, fui en búsqueda de esta base pero ya no tenían más de la versión para piel grasa y entonces la chica del mostrador de Revlon me recomendó la nueva "new complexion" diciendo que era la versión mejorada, la compre y puedo decir con toda seguridad que es la peor base de maquillaje en la historia de las malas bases de maquillaje (haré un post en el futuro hablando de lo mala que es)
Hace un par de días estaba buscando la clinique stay matte (de la que hablé en mi post anterior) y, como no tenían ninguno de los tonos más claros, decidí probar esta ya que estab de vuelta en stock y sólo tengo que decir que me encanta! la usé ayer por la noche y me duro perfecta, este tono (sand beige) es perfecto para mi tono pálido post invierno, y me encanta!
Ps: Si bien no la mostre propiamente aquí, la estoy utilizando en las fotos de labios de abajo.

I also got a few lippy products because I'm ready for a bit more springy colours (but I will still continue to love my plummy colours) and so I went for this ones:
También me compre un par de productos para labios, ya que estoy lista para un poco más de color (pero continuo amando mis colores purpuras) así que me decidí por estos:

L'oreal wet stain caresse in Romy: If you've been reading my blog for a few months now you will know that I love this, I got a few ones already and I decided to go for this perfect pinky color that I think it's a perfect every day colour for spring.
Si llevan leyendo my blog por unos meses, sabrán que amo este producto, ya tenía un par de ellos y decidí comprar este perfecto rosa para los días de primavera.

Rimmel Apocalips in Aurora: Fuscia redish shade with a great glossy finish. Love it!
Un color fucsia rojizo con un terminado brilloso, me encanta!

L'oreal rouge caresse in Dating Coral: I'm pretty sure this is from the old caresse range, but since we still
don't get the new one here in Argentina, I decided to give this a try. I'm not much of a preachy coraly girl, because those shades usually don't suit me unless I'm really taned, but because this one has a pink undertone to it, it does and I really like the way it looks.
Estoy casi segura de que este color es de la vieja colección caresse, pero como todavía no tenemos los nuevos aquí en Argentina, decidi provar este. No me gustan mucho los colores durazno-coral, porque no suelen quedar bien con mi tono de piel a menos de que esté muy bronceada, pero como este tiene un tono rosado, me queda bien y me gusta mucho como queda.

Revlon Lip Butter in Sorbet: I love the new summer edition of the revlon lip butters and I thought to start giving them a try with this one, perfect fushia pink sheer colour, and the way I like them: matte.
Me encanta la nueva edición de las lip butters de Revlon y, para empezar a probarlas, pensé empezar con este tono, fucsia rosado con terminado transparente y, como a mi me gustan, mate.

Have you tried any of this products? What do you think about them!?
Han provado alguno de estos productos? que les parecen?


Saturday, 28 September 2013

October wishlist!

Since I'm in the middle of my college midterms, I've been locked inside my house studying (with small go-to-work/classes breaks) and all I've been thinking about is: I want to shop...
So, with that in mind, I leave you my wanted items (both beauty and clothing) for the coming month.

Como estoy en el medio de parciales en la universidad, estuve encerrada estudiando (con pequeños recreos para ir a trabajar e ir a clases) y lo único que pienso es que quiero comprar cosas...
Con eso en mente, les dejo los productos que quiero (tanto de belleza como de ropa) para el proximo mes.

Beauty belleza

MUA matte palette: Love MUA products, I mean, they are super affordable and the quality is fantastic, so when they launched their new matte range, I new I was going to do some damage.
Me encantan los productos de MUA, son super baratos y la calidad es fantástica. Así que cuando lanzaron su nueva linea mate, sabía que iba a necesitar comprar.

MUA matte lipstick Wild Berry: I'm obsessed with plummy colours this last few months, I know It's a more wintery shade, but I can't help to want it.
Estoy obsesionada con los colores purpuras desde hace un par de meses, y si bien se que es un tono más invernal, no puedo evitar quererlo!

Revlon lip butter in Sorbet: Perfect spring colour! lovely (matte) finish. This shade is from the new summer collection of the revlon lip butters.
El color perfecto para la primavera, el terminado es mate. Este tono es de la colección de verano de las Revlon lip butters.

Tangle teezer: I've been reading soooo much about this product. It's suppoused to be magical and perfect for brushing painlessly trough your knots... it's like it's calling my name...
Leí un montón acerca de este producto, se supone que es mágico y perfecto para peinar sin dolor los nudos del pelo, es como si estuviera llamandome...

L'oreal lip caress In Aphrodite Scarlet: Just look at this shade, redish coral and perfect for a tanner face...
Miren este tono, coral rojizo perfecto para una piel más bronceada..

Barry M Smokin hot palette: I was browsing ASOS (I know, shocker!) and came across this new palettes from barry M, they are super affordable (less than 7 pounds if I recall correctly) and combine matte and shimmery shades with a matte blush.
Estaba chusmeando ASOS (lo se, que raro, no?) y me encontré con estas nuevas paletas de Barry M. son muy accesibles, si mal no recuerdo menos de 7 libras, y combinan tonos mates, brillosos y un rubor mate.

Clinique Stay Matte foundation: I read a magical review from a girl who claimed that this foundation lasted (matte) about 9hs on her. Sounds perfect for oily skin like mine!
Leí una review mágica de una chica que sostenía que esta base de maquillaje le duró, mate, al rededor de 9 horas. Suena perfecto para pieles como la mía!

Clothing ropa

All of these products are from the website Persunmall, I heard about this website from another blog and instantly went to check it out, just love all of these and I feel like I need them.
todos estos productos son de la página Persunmall, conocí esta página por otro blog e instantaneamente tuve que visitarla, simplemente me encantan todos los productos y siento que los necesito

Black and white shorts $31.99
Printed blazer $34.99
studded sandals $83.99
Blue handbag $41.99
Triangle necklace 19.99

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with persunmall or any of these brands, I plan to buy all these products with my own money.

have you bought or tried any of these products?
What do you think?
Han probado o comprado alguno de estos productos?
Que les parecen?


Sunday, 22 September 2013

Spring Inspiration

As yesterday, september 21st, spring started here in the southern emisphere, I thought I could use a bit of online-blogger-pinterest-tumblr inspiration to think of outfits and pieces for this new season...
I do not own any of this photos

How are you gearing up for the new season?