Saturday, 30 August 2014

Beauty chat: Tips and Tricks

  • When doing winged liner, look straight ahead for the flick, in triangle shape and then fill it in (and if you want perfection, first guideline yourself with eyeshadow and a angled brush).
  • Want to make your favourite lipstick matte? no problem, apply the lipstick (I prefer a bit of liner underneath, but it's a personal choice) and blot in a tissue, then apply with your finger a itty-little bit of a similar colour blush, removing the shine and making the lips look velvety and matte (IMPORTANT: use a matte blush).
  • Never apply blush further in than the line of your iris. Apply in the further out of your face and upwards.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Spring inspiration

So here's the thing, it's August 23rd and it's 27°C out. It's still a whole month to spring and we are having summer apropriate temperatures! so, I couldn't help but think of bright colours, loose fabrics, and all things spring wear. Here are just a couple of the pictures I found that made me go "yes, I want to wear THAT". What's THAT? simple: kimonos, jeans, boxy and loose shirts, high waisted stuff, long dresses, belts, flowy tops, leather-strip sandals, booties, lace, printed tees and a lotta lotta black and white (and maybe some colour, here and there).

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Sale madness

When the weather winds start to change, and the new season is upon us, it can only mean on thing: Winter is coming. No, wait, I live in the southern hemisphere, so Spring is coming.